Mr. Flath offers both on-site and remote training services for all levels of skillz.  Courses are custom tailored to the group and offered in the following subjects:

You can fix it! –

Does things like device manager get you excited? System settings keep you up at night? Procmon drive you bonkers?  This course is for you, let’s get our hands dirty as we learn the basics (HA) of fixing machines.  Diving into the command line, system services, ports and real world skills required to do the job.
+ for a limited time our Mobile Repair Course is included!


Starting an IT business –

Don’t, just kidding.  The American dream is to be your own boss, so we will talk about the tools, systems, scripting, monitoring, and management skills you need whether you want to start a one man shop or growing to open a brick and mortar location you will learn first hand from someone who has built several successful IT service centers over 15 years.


IpKnowledge –

Not your average networking class, this will not help you obtain XYZ+ certifications, however will teach you real world uses and understanding of network principals and fundamentals.  After this class you will be able to apply your skills immediately to better your position or obtain a new one, with talent above those with them fancy certifications.


TerminalCommandFu –

Our course that dives into the command line (Windows) and terminal (Mac & Linux) to power every machine.  The GUI is sooo junior admin, let us teach you to make 1 or 1000 machines do what you command!


Open Source Data Recovery – 3 Days $6,000 / $5,000 (2 or more attendees)

Do you work with a “clean room” provider to get pennies from them for referring your customers to spend thousands?  Have you ever wondered what they really do?  Did you know over most drives sent to a clean room recovery center do not require a clean room? Let us show you the tools to build your own data recovery server / desktop / business.  Walking you through some of the same techniques used by the FBI for forensic data recovery (and we know the government has no money) using open source tools.  In a live environment you will build your own virtual data recovery workstation from the ground up.  We will then use this VM to recover various devices, hard drives, solid state, SD cards and thumbdrives all in pretty bad shape.
IMPORTANT – This class is in high demand and requires a high end laptop to perform the workshops, a minimum of 8gb ram, USB 3, 1tb internal or external usb 3 drive, and modern CPU i5 or above, otherwise you will not be able to complete the lab due to waiting on your machine.  Pre-Built linux open source data recovery servers will be available for purchase, if you would like to inquire about reserving a unit please contact us.





Courses are available first quarter 2016!


Please respect our materials and trainer’s time! All classes require a confidentiality agreement, no recording devices are allowed. Cancellations prior to 30 days before class date will not be refunded, no exceptions. You will be provided a workbook to take home but we can not allow any taping or recording of any classes, if you violate this policy you will be expelled without a refund.

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