Mac Commands

Mac Commands


Boot Time Options and Commands

Safe Mode = hold shift on boot

Single User Mode = Command + S


Command + Option + Esc = Force Quit


Terminal Commands

To view manual or details on a command you can put always type man (command)


Mount a disk = # mount (options) source dest

Check disk = fsck -fy /

list folders = ls -alh (attributes, list, human readable)

directory usage summary = du -sh

Disk Usage = df -h

modify permissions = chmod (options)

enable verbose mode during boot = # sudo nvram boot-args=”-v”

Disable verbose mode = # sudo nvram boot-args=

Check current verbose mode = # nvram -p

list all running processes = # ps -ax

kill a process by PID = # kill 2354(pid)

kill an application by name = # killall chrome

top applications in memory



vm_stat shows virtual memory usage

users show users logged into machine

| combine multiple commands together like ‘grep’    ex: # ls -alh | grep ‘recipe.txt’

grep allows you to filter results of a command


Applejack Commands


Networking Commands



traceroute / tracert

ipconfig / ifconfig





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