Commands every IT tech should know

linux commands:


List of open files:


List of open files deleted

lsof | grep deleted

Kill process to remove locked / opened deleted fill

kill #


Finddisk usage

df -h

Find Size of folders in current directory

du -sh *


logging server:






List files (attributes, list, human readable)

ls -alh


Remove files from a system

rm filename

Remove Directory with files in it and all subdirectory

rm -rf directory/


You can use * to select multiple directories or files

rm -rf temp*

will delete all temp files containing temp and folders, ex temp123, or folder temp_dir

Using these commands via terminal it will bypass any trashcan.


Catalog or view a file | show it page by page with more

cat /path/to/somefile.txt | more


Terminal file editors:





Graphical file editors:






Download FIles:



Syning Files:




How to open or Untar a “tar” or” tar.gz” file in Linux or Unix:

  1. From the terminal, change to the directory where yourfile.tar has been downloaded.
  2. Type tar -zxvf yourfile.tar to extract the file to the current directory.
  3. Or tar -C /myfolder -zxvf yourfile.tar to extract to another directory.


list installed packages files (Red hat, Centos, Fedora)  this can help you find config files for a certian package

rpm -ql (package) | grep /etc


Windows / DOS

Navigating the command prompt


The /s will delete all subdirectories

Prior to XP deltree

XP – Vista rmdir /s

Windows 7 -8 – rm /s

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