Full Circle – Back to the GAMES

Today is a very exciting day, as the Guild is back everyone! We started back in 2008 (yikes) as a World of Warcraft guild. Eventually this site became a place for IT information as some of us got real jobs (yuck)! Anyway we don’t want to talk about work stuff.

In 2020 the world changed and streaming exploded. So we have now turned our direction to supporting the streamers, the gamers the IRL chatters and everyone with tools, knowledge and fun!

The website will be going through major changes in the next few weeks, in the interim please join the discord and stay up to date on all the craziness – https://braindeadguild.com/discord

Article by Bizanator

I'm a security researcher, pentester and general IT guru professionally since 2003. While IT and security has been a habit of mine, literally learning my ABCs on an Apple IIe I have worked on virtually every operating system in the past 25 years. Learning about memory manipulation starting in the early Blizzard days I found an affinity in security and exploit development. My career has allowed me to work in a variety of industries and have been a strong supporter of open source and virtualization. My goal here is to provide a forum of information where when you're brain dead hopefully myself or one of our members can work together in the spirit of open source and resolving those brain dead moments. You can request a consultation with me on Maven.

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